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High interest is shown towards VegaAlga project

Although the project is still in research and development phase, it has already been presented in many forums with great success Both trade organizations and farmers are open to the innovative, sustainable technology

The VegaAlga project was last introduced at the conference organized by Portfólió and Agrá in March 2016. General Manager of Zöldségcentrum Kft, Zoltán Basa said the goal was to develop a unique solution that excels the framework of traditional agriculture, and is able to utilize existing resources in an alternative and sustainable way. Innovation is of key importance for farmers, too, he emphasized, and it is recommended to apply for direct subsidies from Brussels for funding research and development projects of this kind.

Previously, Zoltán Basa presented VegaAlga project in November 2015 at the conference titled “Egyhajóban a magyar agrárium és a kutatás-fejlesztési intézmények” organized in Szeged, and was also interviewed by MTV1 television at the site of Zöldségcentrum.

2016. March 2.