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The proven effects of algae-based agricultural products.

As algae are containing huge amount of phytohormones, they influence the growth of several plants. They also contain several kinds of microelements, macronutrients, vitamins, peptides and polyunsaturated fatty acids, therefore they affect several other paramteres of plants.

In case of tomato, algae have raised the gemination rate, the biomass, the number of ramification and flourishing, the rate of glucose and fructose, the drought tolerance and the amount of carotenoid.

Arizona, USA, 2015, Belgium, 2016, Romania, 2013

In case of carrot and radish, algae combined with conventional nutrients, have raised the root’s (salable parts) biomass.

Republic of South Africa, 2005

In case of cucumber, algae have raised the biomass of the roots and the sprouts, thanks to the increased amount of growth hormones.

India, 2015

In case of corn and wheat, by using 0,125V/V% Chlorella biomass, algae has increased the biomass of the roots, the height and the gemination rate.

Turkey, 2015

In case of lettuce, by using different types of algae extracts, it has significantly increased the height, the head weight, the yield of the salable parts, the number of leaves, the amount of carotenoid, chlorophyl and vitmain C, and has dicreased the measurable amount of nitrate in the leaves, which is highly beneficial, as nitrate easily turns into toxic nitrite.

Croatia, 2016

2016. August 24.