Project news

The VegaAlga project is awarded with EU funds

The consortium led by the Makó-based Zöldségcentrum Kft along with the Szeged-based Multisense Labor Kft and Szeged Biotechnological Division of Bay Zoltán Alkalmazott Kutatási Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft, supplied by Ateknea Solutions Kft, was awarded with HUF 1.1 billion direct grant under the H2020 fund for its research and development project named VegaAlga.

Horizont 2020 is a program that determines the research and development policy of the EU for the next 7 years (between 2014 and 2020), which has a higher than ever budget of nearly EUR 79 billion. 

The goal of VegaAlga project is to establish a sustainable agricultural value chain from the producer to the consumer, which is able to meet the increasing consumer needs for healthier foods and agricultural products. The key of the chain process is an algae production method that can be installed with low investment costs and operated locally by farmers, which produces valuable soil fertilizer, hence significantly decreasing the need for chemical fertilizers.


2015. April 5.