Project news

Technical progress of the project

The experimental system installed at the site of Zöldségcentrum will be integrated in four steps. The first milestone (establishment of algae pools, which form the base of the project) was completed in the first quarter, by the end of March 2016.

The six algae pools were made of polycarbonate plastic pool elements. Following the leakage test of the pools, we installed a fan system for water movement, a greenhouse surveillance system as well as monitoring system for the first pool to perform advance tests.

The pool monitoring system collects and records measured data about the condition of the pool, from which the quantity and quality of algae reproduced in the pool can be estimated. The greenhouse monitoring unit controls the paddle and measures the intensity and length of sunlight the greenhouse is exposed to, the internal temperature and the CO2-level of the air. This latter is important because the hermetically sealed composting unit, being the heart of the system, is located inside the greenhouse, and the CO2 potentially released from the composting unit may compromise the quality of air, which can be forecasted.

The second phase was closed and the third phase was started at the end of April, whereby we started manufacturing additional 5 pool monitoring units and connecting the greenhouse monitoring system to the internet, which will enable us to connect pool monitoring systems to the network a via wireless connection. The third phase will be closed with the installation and testing of units that enable the monitoring of the six pools, and after that the development will be focused on web monitoring and displaying in addition to performing and evaluating field tests.

2016. May 25.