Basilicus Szőlőbirtok Kft.

András Kanczler
vine dresser

About us


Basilicus Vineyard was established by three enthusiastic friends, whose aim was to resuscitate the magical feeling of Tokaj-region and to raise awareness of high-quality craft-wines to a wide range of audiences whether it’s a vineyard-selected dry, or a rich sweet wine. The goal of Basilicus Vineyard is to cooperate with outstanding winemakers of the region and create an active wine community, which supports the consumers not only in rediscovering Tokaj and its colourful wine range, but in saving the domestic wine culture as well. Basilicus BORkulTÚRA Center is also currently being constructed in service of the before mentioned objective and planned to be the centre of wine tourism of Tokaj’s delighting slopes with its wine tasting sessions, wine tours and other complex services. Data: locality: Tarcal vineyards: Lapis, Mestervölgy, Fekete-hegy, Hosszú, Kövesd agricultural area: 10 hectares. Vines: furmint, hárslevelű, kövérszőlő, yellow muscat.

2016. August 24.