Galamb József Agricultural Trade School

Zoltán Horváth, Headmaster

Agricultural technicians, gardeners, ornamental plant gardeners and agricultural technician students are educated in the educational garden of the school. Our school represents the practice-oriented method of agricultural education. It is important for us to ensure that our students can experience the modern development trends of agriculture in addition to the academic education. The growth of precision farming offers innovative solutions for farmers (not yet being part of the education), experience of which offers unique advantages for our students. 

This is why we feel important to ensure that our students can learn the modern principles of sustainable farming, in addition to the traditional farming methods. We put main focus on the real, practical results in our educational strategy. 

Precision farming does not only result in the increase of yield and income, but it focuses more on sustainable life. Green technology is a new trend in the precision farming. Beyond the quality of products produced, it is also important to reduce the ecological footprint. This can only be achieved by focusing on the application of green technologies. 

VegaAlga is such an innovation; in our educational programme, the experimental testing of this technology provides first-hand application experience to our students.

We will test the VegaAlga technology mainly as a plant conditioning and nutrient-supplementing tool in farming and gardening cultures under controlled circumstances in the educational garden of our school.

The site of Zöldségcentrum Kft is just a fence away from our educational garden, which is a huge advantage for our institution. The company has been supporting our school for many years by purchasing vegetables produced in our educational garden. This cooperation was extended in the past few years by signing a Cooperation Agreement. In addition to providing possibility for practical education to our students, our school undertakes to enter the innovation technologies applied by Zöldségcentrum to our syllabus, hence providing the well-educated workforce for the promotion and maintenance of new technologies.

2016. May 25.